Re-Envisioning the Future of the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program at UBC

Thursday, November 16, 2017
5:00 – 7:00 pm
Neville Scarfe Building Room 310

At this November event, our UBC President Santa Ono will be speaking about the importance of interdisciplinary research at UBC via video message. Following a short introduction by ISGP PhD student Marcelo Bravo, the new ISGP chair Dr. Barbara Weber, will respond to President Ono’s comments with her own vision and hopes regarding the future of the ISGP.  Also invited is an ISGP alumna, Dr. Angele Beausoleil, who will be speaking about her experience at the ISGP as well as how she successfully translated her degree into a teaching-stream Assistant Professorship position at University of Toronto. Finally, and because building a strong student community is one of the main goals of the ISGP, Aida Hassani will be sharing her ideas about launching an ISGP student club.

Dr. Weber expresses her three main goals for the ISGP:

  1. Maintain the quality and increase reputation of the research done at ISGP: careful admission process, supporting students throughout their program, quality of supervision and smooth communication between supervisors – all in all, not to run a deficit model, but rather to be pro-active (through workshops, etc.) and to stay in touch on a regular basis
  2. Make the ISGP more visible at UBC: e.g. by being closely connected to the UBC leadership and the new strategic planning of UBC; organizing events that target and engage different faculties/departments
  3. And thirdly, to create a strong ISGP community: reaching out to alumni to give workshops, having an ISGP student club and organizing social events