Recommended Timeline

Recommended Timeline



Start planning your research and develop a strong outline to present to possible supervisors

**OPTIONAL – develop a strong two-page Statement of Proposed Research Topic (SPRT) and email it to well in advance of the application deadline. The Program Chair will provide feedback on your research proposal. This step also ensures that the program is suitable for you. Please note that this is for consultation purposes and is not part of the formal application process.
NOTE: The ISGP will not be able to review SPRTs and provide feedback after December 15, prior to formal admission application.



Start contacting potential supervisors. For help, see UBC Experts Guide

** OPTIONAL – Submit SPRT to receive feedback



Start preparing your Curriculum Vitae (CV)



Request two (2) sets of official transcripts (in sealed and endorsed envelopes) from all of the post-secondary institutions you have attended. One set will be opened and scanned by you to upload to online application. The 2nd set will be kept sealed and sent to Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies only if you are offered admission.



Obtain signature of the Head of your Home Department, chosen from one of your co-supervisor’s departments and signatures from potential co-supervisors and their Department Heads on the Home Department – Co-Supervisors Form.

Online applications open on November 1st


January 15th

Application deadline (January 15 @ 11:59 pm PST)


Please see Application Information for details.