ISGP Staff

Dr. Hillel Goelman, Professor and Chair

Dr. Goelman is a Professor at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education and is an Associate Member of the Department of Paediatrics and the School of Population and Public Health at UBC. He is an Affiliate Investigator with Developmental Neurosciences & Child Health cluster in the Child and Family Research Institute of British Columbia. Hillel was one of the founders of the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), an interdisciplinary child development research centre, and between 2002 and 2009 served as Associate Director and Senior Scholar in HELP.

Hillel’s research interests include the effectiveness of early child development programs, the theory and practice of interdisciplinarity, and the history of childhood. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on early child development and interdisciplinary approaches to research.

Hillel enjoys the depth and breadth of ISGP students’ research interests and working with faculty members from the 35 UBC departments which are actively involved in ISGP. He is delighted with the increasing level of student involvement which has resulted in the student-edited on-line journal, Cutting Edge, the student research conference, Out of the Box, the Student Research Colloquium Series, the lecture series on Science, Mind and Society which ISGP is co-sponsoring with the Integrated Science Program in the Faculty of Science and the lecture series on Community-Based Research that ISGP is co-sponsoring with the Liu Institute for Global Issues.

He is very grateful for the efforts of all of the previous ISGP Chairs and Deans of the Faculty of Graduate Studies who worked to establish the ISGP since it was founded in 1971.

Some of Hillel’s publications:

Goelman, H. (2012). Towards a geology of early childhood education and care in Canada. In N. Howe & L. Prochner (Eds.). Recent perspectives in early childhood education and care in Canada. University of Toronto Press, Toronto. (147-158).

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Guhn, M & Goelman, H. (2011). Bioecological theory, early child development and the validation of the population-level Early Development Instrument. Social  Indicators  Research DOI 10.1007/s11205-011-9842-5.Published on-line 27 April2011.

Goelman, H., Pivik, J., & Guhn, M (2011) (Eds.) New Approaches to Research in Early Child Development: Rules, Rituals and Realities. New York: Palgrave Press.

Goelman, H.  (2011). Building relationships, building community and building results through the Early Childhood Assessment Workshop. Zero to Three, 31(4), 61-67.

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Goelman, H. and the CHILD Project. (2008). Three Complementary Community-based Approaches to the Early Identification of Young Children at Risk for Developmental Delays/Disorders. Infants and Young Children, Volume 21, No. 4, 304-321.

Goelman, H. (2007). Early childhood health and development: Implications for disease prevention and health promotion. Bridges: The Israeli-Palestinian Health Magazine. January-February, Volume 3, Number 1, 16-23.





Enid Ho, ISGP Administrative Assistant


After finishing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History at UBC, Enid worked with international students in a Vancouver language school, and spent some time in Europe, submerging herself in the world of art and ancient civilization. Shortly after returning to Vancouver, where she calls home, Enid joined the Faculty of Education, providing guidance to graduate students on program admissions and awards. Enid brings with her a wealth of knowledge on UBC policies and procedures. She is delighted to be part of the ISGP team, helping students excel in their programs.







Noel Kreuz, Student Administrative Assistant


We also want to extend a warm welcome to Noel Kreuz, our Work Learn Student Assistant.

Noel is a third-year student at UBC pursuing a business degree in Marketing at the Sauder School of Business. Prior to her arrival at UBC, Noel completed her International Baccalaureate in Frankfurt, Germany. Furthermore, Noel had an internship at Accenture in the Marketing and Communications area, where she discovered her interest for Marketing. She loves travelling and has been to many countries across Europe and spends her free time playing volleyball. Noel is delighted to be part of the ISGP team and hopes to help the students succeed in their program and career endeavours.

Noel can be reached at 604.822.0954, or email