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The inaugural issue (July 2023) is out now and can be accessed here.

In this issue, the Feature Article by Nigel Haggan et. al. explores what it really means to decolonize knowledge production and questions the established practice of only focusing on the intellect at the cost of well-being. Engaging with the Indigenous concept of compassionate mind it articulates a damning critique of the Western approach to education and learning. In the regular Article section, Jess Gordon continues the conversation on interdisciplinary approaches to education by addressing the role of martial arts-based learning interventions in fostering student empowerment. Meghan Robinson’s piece picks up where Haggan et. al.’s discussion ends and explores the essence of theatre as a communal site of resistance against colonization. Finally, the inaugural Spotlight entry by Rachel Moylan et. al. invites AI into a meditation on the phenomenology of everyday objects. The standalone piece opens, what Moylan calls, “doors to the wonder of the ordinary” in a breathtaking manner where not only disciplinary lines are blurred but also experience and interpretation get fused together. Read the issue today!

Mantle - Issue 1