Previous Nexus Conferences

We strive for Nexus to address important themes that reach across disciplines, research approaches, and methodologies. Please see details from past conferences below.

Nexus 2019: wicked Problems and Interdisciplinary Solutions

Wicked problems cannot be solved. Incomplete, contradictory, or evolving information makes it impossible to address an issue. Without being able to tease apart independent issues, complex problems require multifaceted ideas. So, where do we start? 

Our conference uniquely elevates opportunities to grapple with, reflect on, and reclaim the complex and problems that cause us to fail, and the failures that challenge us to succeed. And indeed, we interdisciplinary students will always find ways to succeed! Morning presenters will explore learning and innovative strategies gained from interdisciplinary and solutions-oriented projects. Afternoon speakers will bravely share their own failures in an effort to embrace risk-taking and creativity as necessary components of graduate research. Skill-building workshops will support us to continue meeting wicked problems head-on.  

2019 Conference Program


Nexus 2018: Responsibility

Critical perspectives on understanding responsibility for each other, for the planet, for our research, for UBC, and beyond.

2018 Conference Program


Nexus 2017: Resilience

The theme of the conference this year is “resilience.” Many in the ISGP are currently pursuing research which touches on resilience in many different ways: the resilience of individuals, the resilience of communities and the resilience of the environment.

2017 Conference Program