Supervising ISGP students is a unique experience. To help faculty members navigate the process, we created a document on the Guiding Principles of supervising ISGP students.

View/download the Supervision at the ISGP document.

We also encourage you to explore the Supervision policies outlined in Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies web site and information for Supervisors.

Our students are also encouraged to consult Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ Handbook of Graduate Supervision.

Co-supervisors from same unit
In general, the two co-supervisors ought to come from two different departments. However, if both co-supervisors are working within an inherently interdisciplinary department and can show that their backgrounds are very different, an exception may be made.

Recommended One-Time Meeting for New Supervisors
The ISGP is an individualized program that has unique structures and requirements. Ideally, an experienced senior supervisor works with a more junior first-time ISGP supervisor together. In cases where both co-supervisors have never supervised an ISGP student, a meeting with the Chair of the program is recommended. These meetings can be arranged at the beginning of the fall term. In addition, supervisors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the requirement listed on G+PS website.

Student Progress Tracking
Students are required to meet and discuss their progress, timeline and plans with their committee (at least) once per year. This meeting should be in spring and will form the basis for the student’s annual progress report. It is expected that the co-supervisors read and discuss this report as well as create an overall evaluation of the student’s progress regarding their coursework, comps exam, proposal, timeline and further plans.