Current Student Research

Last Name First Name Research Topic
Accili Nola To Be or Not To Be Modern: A Latourian Approach to Teaching Shakespeare
Ahadi Ali Language,Ephemeral Subject and Eventuality of Art in the Age of Precarity
Akins Ashli Vehicles of Voice: Fulfillment of the rights of artists in oppressed populations
Alexander Logan Poeticizing Gender (Derrida/Foucault)
Anyeko Ketty The Relevance of Transitional Justice in addressing Conflict-period Sexual
Violence in Northern Uganda
Argento Elena Investigating the socio-structural context and impact of criminalization and enforcement-based policies targeting clients (Bill C-36) on HIV-STI risks among sex workers and their clients
Ashraf Umbreen I Belong! Immigrants, Identity and the Build Environment
Atkins Robin A Light Field Image Display Device
Barker Brittany Street-Involved Youth and the Child Welfare System: Evidence to Improve Outcomes
Bavli Itai Warning the Public or Hiding Mistakes? Canada’s Response to the Adverse Effects of Radiation Treatment
Bravo Marcelo Youth Social Capital in Monterrey
Breilh Maria Music to Promote Health Equity in Ecuador: An Interdisciplinary Intercultural Analysis
Burning Francine The Role of Aboriginal Artistic Expression in Aboriginal Community:  Politics in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland
Burton Adi The Difficult Ethics in Activism: Witnessing, Responsibility, and Ritual with Levinas and Arendt
Byers Kaylee Ecology, Coevolution and Population Genetics of Vancouver Rats, Their Parasites and Their Associated Pathogens
Byram Adrian Models of Consciousness and the Ethical, Social and Policy Impacts of Emerging Applications of Neuroimaging
Campbell Page Ruth How should Canada’s leadership guide strategic trade partnerships and international development investment in emerging markets?
Capler Rielle Investigating the Impacts of Community Based Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in British Columbia on Health and Health Services
Carruthers Beth A Compass Rose for the Anthropocene: transformative aesthetics in theory
and practice: a view from the Canadian West
Castrejon Violante Laura The interaction between public policy and law as a mean to enhance Vancouver`s sustainability
Chang Sabrina The Effects of Musical Training on Cognitive Function
Chapple Sarah Ethical Decision-Making and Moral Distress in the Intensive Care Unit
Clark Beth Reducing LGBT youth Health Inequity: Effectiveness of School-based population health intervention
Colin Carlos Civil Art as Utopian and Social Practice in Contemporary Latin America
Connolly Mary A Study of Youth Financial Literacy Education, Innovative and Alternative Learning Strategies, and Technologies for Self-Study and Visual Learning
Craven (Tong) Catherine Healthy Aging and Mobility Amongst Chinese and Indo Canadian Immigrants Residing in Urban Communities
Currie Janet Improving the Outcomes and Safety of Off-label Prescribing
de Vries Jonathan Talking the Talk: The Biomechanics of Embodied Speech Movements
Dilley Sherrie
Dupuis Peter World Housing: a qualitative and quantitative study of net social impact
Ebneshahidi Marjan Livable neighborhoods: exploring the emerging influence of income and ethnicity on
perceived livability and satisfaction of residential neighborhoods
Eiboff Faith Trajectories of Housing and Recovery among Homeless Women with Mental Illness in Vancouver: An Interdisciplinary, Trauma-Informed Perspective
Fong Denise An Inquiry into the Development of Ethnic History
studies through Public Education Initiatives
Franke Thea My Neighbhourhood, My Health, My Support: Older Adult’s Experiences of Mobility
Goddard-Rebstein Rachael Margery Kempe Screenplay
Gomez Lopez Francisco Reclaiming Agrarian livelihoods: Gobalization, Post-conflict and Community Engagement in Rural Colombia
Grajales Francisco Understanding British Columbia Physicians’ Readiness to Practicing in the Web 2.0 Era
Haldane Celeste Reconciling the Business Approach – Looking at developing large energy projects across multi First Nations territories in British Columbia: A First Nations perspective to best practices
Hall Margaret Multi-disciplinary and Professional Frameworks for Evaluating Dimensions of Mental Capacity and (Adult) Best Interests:  Possibilities and Limits for Interdisciplinary Development
Han Christina Understanding men’s suicidal ideation using the photo-voice methods
Hanasyk Matthew From Boundary to Horizon: A Re-envisioning of Ontological Limitations
Hassani Aida The importance of communication between medical doctors and engineers in developing effective medical devices
Heaslip Ashley Sexuality and End-of-Life Illness Experience: Patient, Partner and Provider Perspectives
Hippman Catriona Antidepressant Medication Use During Pregnancy: A Mixed-Methods Study
Hrincu Viorica Techologies of the Extended Mind
Jafer Waged The Arab World and the Route to Democratic Reform: Examining the Plight of Religious and Ethnic Minorities amidst Political Change by Identifying Challenges, Overcoming Obstacles and Proposing a New Framework for Conflict Transformation and Resolution
Jaffer Fatima Kinesis, Canada’s national feminist newspaper, and the Women’s Movement 1974-2001
Jameson Kim End of Life Care
Jiang Bei The Politics of Achieving Environmental Goals in Rapidly Growing Urban Areas: A Case of Planning Eco-City in Tianjin, China
Kang Bindy Sadhee Sahayth (Our Health): the Punjabi Health Project
Kubiliene Neringa Racism-related threats to identity formation and resilience: Racialized minority youth in Canada
Lebrun Heather How do Native Hawaiian women on Kaua’i envision food sovereignty and security for the islands? What are the possible pathways for these visions to be realized?
Lefkowich Maya Masculinities and Peer-Based Care: A Cross-Country Comparison of Men`s Sheds
Ling Sarah Implementing change in diverse communities by engaging people in intercultural and inter-generational understanding, as well as methods of decolonization by tracing the intersection of Chinese and First Nations histories
Mackie Jennifer Indigenous Peoples’ Health Governance and Surveillance: Self-determination in Health
Maharaj Nandini The significance of companion dogs in the everyday lives of their human caregivers
McKenzie Holly Reproductive Justice for Women
Mohd Salleh Iqa Key facilitating factors and barriers in improvement in engagement in HIV care among people who inject drugs in Malaysia
Morrow Richard  Inside trials: an interview study of clinical trials and clinical trial reporting
Nasiopoulos Eleni Context, Cognition and Marketing
Nichols Jennica Designing a Continuing Medical Education Model that uses Research-Based Theatre to Promote Shared Decision Making in Order to Improve Patient-Provider Relationships and Diabetes Self-Management
Nyce Deanna Leadership in First Nations Education:  Cultural/Ecological Refugia and Traditional Knowledge
Nystedt Colleen PlaceSpeak: Advancing techniques for participatory democracy using collaboration software and digital visualization tools to engage the public
Okot Bitek Julie Prodigal Daughters: Stories of the New Acholi Woman
Park Kilim Transformation of Migration in the Asia Pacific: Cases of Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore
Pearl Tamara Woridview Derived Resiliency: Can We Find Protection from Evil in our Cultural Belief Systems?
Perry Joe To investigate and discover whether the quality of an actor`s performance can be measured
Pilarinos Andreas Economic security, low-threshold employment, and associated health outcomes among a
prospective cohort of street-involved youth
Provost Sharon Using realist methodology to evaluate the violence prevention education in BC Healthcare
Pruden Harlan Two Spirit – Then & Now: reclaiming honor through
historical representational documentation
Ratih Ayu Indonesian Women and National Imagination
Repta Robin Fostering Healthy Dating Relationships and Sexual Health in Adolescents: An Intersectional Approach
Rivers Rob School Connectedness and Street Involved Youth: Exploring the Why and How of Positive Health Outcomes
Sande Peder Emotions within the Workplace: The Effects of Contemplative Practices on Task and Contextual Performance
Sandhu Anu The Punjabi diasporic mediasphere: negotiating local, transnational, ethnic and religious identities
Sattler Desiree Exploring the Experiences of Children in After-School Settings: Implications for Health and Well-Being
Schinnerl Sandra Immigration reform and international student flows: do national interests support institutional objectives?
Selman Jennifer Moral Agency & Health Care Workers
Shahban Shenaz What Kept You Going?: Definitions and Protective factors of Psychological Well-being through Strengths-based Interviews with Syrian Refugees
Shamash Sarah Mapping Transformation in Experimental, Revolutionary Cinema: from Third Cinema to New Approaches in Brazil’s Media Art Landscape
Siegel Shefa The Origin of Avaric: Exploring the Relations of People, Place, and Resources
Singh Prabh Technology and Psychological Disorientation: A Case Study of 2nd Generation Canadian Sikh Youth
South Cluny Can Organizational Mixed Motives Impede Bio-Diversity Conservation?
Stewart Stephen Reintegration of former combattants
Stoller Mark Legislation in Canada’s Arctic
Suleman Zool Silent Adhan: Exploring Belinging, Citizenship and Religion/Race/Space through the Muslim Call to Prayer in Metro Vancouver
Viljoen Kim Evaluation of Neurodevelopmentally Based Early Intervention for At Risk Children
Wilson Robert Facilitating Cognitive Health and Healthy Ageing Through Imaginative and Creative Learning in Later Life
Wolowic Jennifer Visual Research Methodology and its Application for Collaborative Filmmaking with First Nations Youth
Wolsak Anna The Ethnobotany of Bermuda: an addendum to The Bermuda Plant Finder, a collaboration with Kew, UKOE + the Gov`t of Bermuda
Yates Morgan Risk Reframing in Children`s Play
Zhao Steven Asian Studies and Social Work
Ziemsen Eva Developing a Learning Model for Online Film Education
Ziolo Mira How does addressing the health of those who work with Mountain Gorrilas help in saving a fragile ecosystem?