ISGP Funding Support

ISGP Funding Support


Funding requests are evaluated based on either merit or need. Support is granted on a one-time, non-negotiable basis. In all cases, students must show consistent, demonstrable academic progress, as well as regular communication with supervisors and the ISGP Office. Requests will not be considered until the ISGP Annual Progress Report has been submitted.

All funding support granted applies towards the student’s tuition and UBC fees first. Students must disclose other sources of funding (e.g. sponsorships, bursary, awards). In such cases, the funding support from the ISGP may be reduced accordingly.

*Please note that the funding amount stated under each category is the maximum total for which a student may apply for the duration of degree program at the ISGP.


Funding requests are considered through the application and students may apply for more than one category within the same application. The funding categories are as follows:

Master’s students are eligible to apply for a maximum of $250 once in their degree program.
Doctoral students are eligible to apply for a maximum of $500 in their degree program.

Research Funding is provided to ISGP students to offset expenditure incurred from conducting their research. ISGP students are eligible to apply for a one-time funding support for a maximum of $500.

ISGP can provide a final funding top-up to assist students who are at the final stage of completing their programs. These students are in their last academic term at UBC and Students must demonstrate that the funding is for their final term at UBC, and provide regular updates to the ISGP office on progress. International students are eligible to receive up to $3000. Domestic students are eligible to receive up to $1000.

Supplemental funding may be granted when circumstances beyond a student’s control have led to financial hardship and difficulties in paying fees, thereby potentially affecting a student’s academic progress. Students may receive up to $1,500.

Application Procedure

1. Fill out an Application for ISGP Funding Support.
2. Submit application form to the ISGP Office.
3. Once approved, award will be assigned to your SSC account to “accept”.


There is no deadline for funding application.

UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS): Graduate Student Travel Fund

In addition to applying for conference travel grants offered through the ISGP, graduate students may also apply to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ Graduate Student Travel Fund.

Payment and application procedure information for this grant is available on G+PS Awards and Financial Aid web page.