Application Materials

The following documents are required to be uploaded to your online application:

1. Statement of Intent (cover letter explaining your interest in the program) – max. 2 pages
This letter should explain the following:
– Your research question
– Why you are interested in this topic
– Why you can only address this question with an interdisciplinary approach
Please also elaborate on why the ISGP is the ideal program for your project as well as why any other department or program at UBC is not a good fit. Please also include any information on extenuating circumstances that affected your academic/professional records.

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

3. 2-page Statement of Proposed Research Topic (SPRT)
Compose a two-page summary that outlines your research project and methodology. This includes:

  1. Context: show in what context (society, academic, economic, history of ideas, etc.) you pose your question. Why are you interested in this question or think it is important?
  2. Research Question: clear and succinct
  3. Literature Overview: here you provide a very quick overview of the existing research approaches and why your research proposal is filling a gap.
  4. Methodology or theoretical Framework or Structure: this part depends on the disciplines you are trying to integrate. You can talk about your methodology, the theorists or concepts you are trying to bring in a dialogue or the structure of your thesis. You are giving us an idea of how your actual thesis might be laid out.
  5. Interdisciplinarity: Here you explain why your research question has to be addressed by combining more then one discipline. What is your understanding of ‘interdisciplinary research’?
  6. Impact or Significance: Imagine what impact your research might have e.g. on society, academia, ways of living, feeling or thinking, economy, environment, etc.
  7. Bibliography: your bibliography can be an additional one page.

In general, please try to avoid sweeping statements and be as narrow and specific as possible, while avoiding the use of jargons. As you describe your topic for your proposed thesis pay attention to the specific arguments and interpretations that you intend to develop. In the process of clarifying the main research materials and debates, pay particular attention to how the different disciplines relate to, and will contribute to the achievement of your research objectives.

4. ISGP Co-Supervisors Agreement (signed)
At the time of submission in your online application, this form must contain all necessary signatures. Missing signature(s) will render your application incomplete.

5. Post-Secondary Transcripts (ALL)
Two (2) sets of official transcripts (in sealed and endorsed envelopes) from each of the post-secondary institutions you have attended (even ones where only course work was done). One set will be opened and scanned by you to upload to online application. The second set will be kept sealed and sent to Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies only if you are offered admission. Transcript submission guidelines are found here.
NOTE: Some institutional e-transcripts lack the transcript key and are secured file. In such cases, hardcopy official transcript will be needed to scan both front and back.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All required documents must be submitted through the online application portal as document uploads. Documents emailed or submitted in person will not be accepted.