Why choose ISGP at UBC?

Q: What University Program Allows Students to Design their own Graduate Program?

A: The Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program (ISGP) at UBC!

ISGP is a unique program that gives students the freedom to create their own individualized graduate program based on specific research interests. It allows students to bridge two or more academic disciplines.

ISGP gives you the opportunity to:

  • pursue interdisciplinary research that is individually designed by the student
  • “think outside of the box”
  • select courses and research supervisors from every department at UBC
  • participate in interdisciplinary lectures, workshops and seminars
  • apply for funding for exceptional students
  • participate in interdisciplinary lectures, workshops and seminars

ISGP, UBC, Canada

  • Ranked one of the best universities in the world
  • World class education with lower tuition costs
  • Consistently ranked as a top university in Canada
  • Vancouver is regarded as one of the “most beautiful cities on the world”
  • Home to numerous outstanding research programs and institutions
  • Affordable health care
  • Multicultural setting in a world class city
  • Stunning natural environment

How do I know if ISGP is the right program for me?

As you contemplate applying to ISGP, there are a few questions that are worth considering regarding your fit into the program’s interdisciplinary ethos:

  1. Is it possible for my research to be completed under the umbrella of one discipline?
    • If your answer is remotely ‘yes,’ then we strongly recommend that you explore the disciplinary program first.
    • It is not uncommon for the ISGP office to receive SPRTs that have not explicitly indicated how the research requires an interdisciplinary approach in order to be explored. This may be an indicator that your research program would be better supported in a disciplinary faculty.
    • If you still decide to proceed with an application to the ISGP, you would need to provide a justification as to why your program of study can only be carried out at the ISGP. In other words: Why can’t your research proposal be carried out in another disciplinary department?
  2. What does a successful application to the ISGP look like? Strong applications generally tend to have:
    • A well-developed and realistic SPRT
    • A clear research question, methodology and/or theoretical grounding
    • Relevant professional background and/or strong academic record that shows breadth in knowledge
    • Demonstration of solid research skills and experience in more then one area
    • Leadership experience
    • Strong commitment of two co-supervisors