Why choose ISGP at UBC?

Q: What University Program Allows Students to Design their own Graduate Program?

A: The Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program (ISGP) at UBC!

ISGP is a unique program that gives students the freedom to create their own individualized graduate program based on specific research interests. It allows students to bridge two or more academic disciplines.

ISGP gives you the opportunity to…

…pursue interdisciplinary research that is individually designed by the student

…”think outside the box”

… select courses and research supervisors from every department at UBC

… participate in interdisciplinary lectures, workshops and seminars

… apply for funding for exceptional students

… participate in interdisciplinary lectures, workshops and seminars


ISGP, UBC, Canada

– Ranked one of the best universities in the world

– World class education with lower tuition costs

– Consistently ranked as a top university in Canada

– Vancouver is regarded as one of the “most beautiful cities on the world”

– Home to numerous outstanding research programs and institutions

– Affordable health care

– Multicultural setting in a world class city

– Stunning natural environment